Execution of orders

ORDER PROCESSING Our stages of order processing are as follows: organizacja-transportu 01. Organization of transport Our order processing procedure is based on extensive knowledge and years of experience in transport business. P.H.U. PLATO organizes full transport service from loading, through receiving appropriate permits, civil and police pilotage in Poland and abroad as well as sea-borne transport. Oversize and overweight transport are piloted by qualified staff members using special pilotage cars. Our main asset is an ability to advise our clients on a number of different issues, including: loading, choosing a correct semitrailer for the load, ways of loading, kinds of protective equipment for the load as well as customs clearance. Throughout many years of being on the market we were able to establish cooperation with companies and institutions in Poland and abroad. Such a well-developed network of cooperation allows us to process the oversize and overweight transport orders quickly and accurately. przygotowanie-ladunku 02. Preparation of the load We are fully involved in every order we process. It is an extremely complex process to organize an oversize and overweight transport correctly. Before we start organizing such a transport we do the following: - we set and prepare the route for the transport; - we organize all necessary permits; - we inform all appropriate authorities e.g. Police, Border Guards; - we organize both civil and police pilotage; - we prepare appropriate protection of the load on the semitrailer. kontrola-ladunku 03. Control over the load Each of our drivers has a mobile phone which allows both us and our Clients to constantly monitor the load transport and as a consequence we are able to reliably inform our Clients about all transport issues. Moreover, each of our vehicles is equipped with a GPS system. Thanks to that we have full control over the vehicles in use and when necessary we are able to locate them more quickly. LOAD INSURANCE Each load is covered by insurance. The company has a carrier’s third-party insurance for the domestic and international transport with PZU S.A. OUR DRIVERS Your load is in the hands of professionals. All drivers currently employed in PLATO GAK are highly skilled and qualified professionals. They competently care about the load they have been entrusted i.e. the loading of the goods and safe transport to their place of destination.