About us

P.H.U. PLATO company started running in 1992. P.H.U. Plato, with its registered office at 61 Sienkiewicza Street in Kępno, is a transport company specializing in road transport of loads. Our business is based on fifteen years of experience in domestic and international transport. Our legal status is a natural person, running on the basis of the certificate of entry in the business activity register issued by the Mayor of Kępno Town and Commune. P.H.U. Plato started business with 2 tractor units with semi-trailers used for domestic transport of hard coal.

In 1994 the company expanded and started offering services in international transport as well. In 1998-2000 the company also offered services in repairing and technical support of buses owned by PKS Ostrów Wielkopolski.

The owner put a lot of effort into the development of the company and into the excellent quality of transport services offered. Therefore, Mr Grzegorz Hojka, the Owner, decided to involve his daughters more into the business and in 2007 he transformed his company and together with his daughters Agnieszka and Karolina, he created an unlimited company PLATO GAK HOJKA SP J. A wide area of land together with storehouse halls in Chojęcin has been bought. This is where the company has its registered office nowadays.

PLATO GAK HOJKA SP J at the moment has 15 tractor units with standard and special purpose semi-trailers as well as pilotage cars used for oversize and overweight transport. Thanks to good quality policy and excellent references regarding the domestic and international services on offer, PLATO GAK HOJKA SP J was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificate in December 2013. At the moment the company is also preparing the HSE system (Health, Safety and Environment system), which means a systems approach to Health and Safety procedures and Environment protection.

The owners of the company have an International Transport Services Licence issued by Main Inspectorate of Road Transport. They also have a Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport.

It is a crucial element in our business.

We care about natural environment for present and future generations.

At PLATO GAK we do our best to combine continuous development of the company with care about the natural environment.

All our tractor units meet the EURO5 exhaust fumes emission standards. We endeavour to modernize our fleet through purchasing new tractor units that have more ecological engines which allows us to reduce the emission of exhaust fumes and therefore decrease pollution of the environment. Moreover, recycling is extremely important in our company’s pro-ecological policy.

We mainly recycle tyres, repair waste as well as office waste.

Our drivers use ecological techniques of driving the vehicles which also contributes to protection of the environment. Smooth way of driving, appropriate changing of gears, correct pressure in tyres are only a few examples of techniques that influence savings in petrol use and consequently lower emission of exhaust fumes.

Our Quality Policy helps us to meet our clients’ requirements.

It’s our way of improving the quality of our services.

The most important aim of PLATO GAK is continuous development through maintaining the services on offer and extending them in the area of domestic and international transport.

We realize that aim through:

  • identification and fulfilment of our Clients’ expectations
  • not selling the services that do not fulfil specific requirements
  • providing experienced staff who is constantly improving their qualifications
  • upgrading our equipment and implementing modern solutions in order to improve the quality of our service as well as consistent application
  • development and improvement of managing system based on the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 norm
  • improvements in mutually beneficial partnership cooperation with our suppliers

We are certain that the above assumptions, when consistently put into practice in our customer-oriented system of quality management, will contribute not only to strengthening our position on the market but also to gaining new clients and improving our cooperation with the current ones as well.

In order to fulfil the above commitments we declare providing appropriate financial, personal and material resources. We also assert that we will use the intellectual potential and professionalism of our staff to the maximum.

The Owner of PLATO GAK is promising to fulfil all legal requirements regarding quality and constant conscious improvements to the managing system accepted. We will do our best to make sure that our company is perceived on the market as a highly trustworthy partner in business.

We want to ensure our Clients know that Quality is our main asset.


Certificate of completion of training issued by SITK (Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation)

Training concerning the changes in law regarding road transport services.

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Licence issued by GITD (Main Inspectorate of Road Transport) within EU

It provides a licence for gainful international road transport of goods on all routes for all or parts of gainful transport realized within European Union territory.

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Certificate of Professional Competence

It is a proof of professional competence of Mr Grzegorz Hojka which is necessary to undertake and perform international road transport of goods.

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Certificate of Professional Competence

It is a proof of professional competence of Ms Agnieszka Hojka which is necessary to undertake and perform international road transport of goods.

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ISO 9001:2008

Audit made by Germainscher Lloyd Polen Sp z o. o. Warsaw Branch proved that our quality management system meets the norms and standards of ISO 9001:2008.

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